Gynecomastia Surgery


Gynecomastia surgery has become a very common procedure. The procedure involves remodelling the male chest, removing the excessive development of “man boobs”.

Many men suffer for years with this condition and can achieve life-changing results with this simple procedure. Some patients have liposuction alone, while others may require excision, which involves making an incision to remove breast tissue. Most results produce a flat and more masculine chest.

What Are Man Boobs?

The term “man boobs” is used to describe a male breast area that has a larger amount of excess fat and breast tissue. The excess fat and breast tissue cause an enlargement of the male breasts, causing them to resemble female breasts. In turn, this can cause serious emotional problems. Not only do man boobs make the man feel less of a man, but it also poses some problems with shopping for clothing. Finding a suitable shirt that hides the problem can be a little tricky and going swimming in the public pool is often out of the question as well.

What Are The Key Points To Remember About Man Boobs?

Man boobs can be a concern for men of all ages. It is the development of large breasts that take on the appearance of a female breast. Men with gynecomastia are often quite self-conscious, stopping them from taking their shirts off at the beach. This often runs in families and is occasionally caused by hormones, but in most cases, it happens for no reason. Often swelling on the male chest is not from excess fat, but by an anomalous accentuation of the mammary gland. There are different reasons for this: hormonal or chromosomal problems, and obesity.



To deal with your problem area, Prof NIO's Team may recommend male breast reduction liposuction surgery, better known under the name gynecomastia surgery.